Vaginal surgery

The menopause, giving birth and the passing of the years can cause functional and/or aesthetic alterations in the female external genitalia. At EIX MÈDIC, we use the very latest surgical techniques to resolve these problems.

Correction of labia abnormalities

This surgery is recommended for patient who have excessive or asymmetrical growth of the inner labia. This situation causes functional discomfort with chronic irritation and a sensation of tightness, and aesthetic complexes, especially when wearing tight clothing or swimwear.

The objective of the surgery is to restore the appearance and functionality of the genital area. The surgery is carried out under local anaesthetic and requires little post-operative care.

Dyspareunia surgery

Widening the vaginal canal

Painful sexual relations may be associated to an excessively narrow vaginal canal. We use surgical techniques to enlarge the vaginal canal.

Reduction of the vaginal canal

The passing of the years and giving birth can cause the vaginal muscles to slacken, which reduces sensitivity in sexual relations and, as such, leads to dissatisfaction.

Reconstruction of the hymen

We use surgical techniques to reconstruct the hymen.

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