Obstetric and urogynaecological physiotherapy unit

Most common pathologies:

– Lumbar and pelvic pain

– Back pain

– Piriformis Syndrome

– Sciatica

– Rib pain

– Muscle cramps

– Varicose veins and haemorrhoids

– Preparation for birthPostpartum recovery

– Prolapse

– Urinary incontinence in cases of effort, emergency and mixed.

– Incontinence of wind and faeces.

– Surgical and post-surgical pelvic floor treatment

– Caesarean scars, episiotomy and tearing

– Cocyx injuries

– Haemorrhoids

– Dyspareunia

– Vaginismus

– Vulvar vestibulitis

– Anorgasmia

– Hypersensitivity

– Episiotomy or tearing



We listen to the patient to ascertain their condition and how it affects them in their everyday life.

We perform a postural, pelvic, lumbar and urogenital assessment with manual and biofeedback techniques.


Manual obstetric therapy, perineal massage, Epi-no, therapeutic massages, manual lymphatic drainage, kinesio tape, kinesiotherapy, pilates, hypopressive gymnastics, Kegel exercises, electrotherapy, biofeedback, couples and behavioural techniques and preparation for birth.

Recovery and Follow-up

When the treatment is finished, a personalized work plan is drawn up for the patient to follow at home. After a certain time, depending on the physiotherapist’s recommendation, the patient is assessed to ensure continued recovery and prevent relapse.

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