Face and body beauty treatments

Cosmetic medicine consists of the restoration and maintenance of facial and bodily beauty by means of minor medical intervention practices. Major surgical techniques with general anaesthetic are never used.

The main objective is centred on preventative medicine, since an appropriate aesthetic is always beneficial, encouraging the health and welfare of the patient.

Facial treatments:


The ideal medical treatment for facial expression wrinkles (forehead, between and around the eyes). A technique that injects Botulinum Toxin into the upper third of the face.

Hyaluronic acid

A medical treatment indicated for the nasogenian folds and mouth wrinkles. Replenishes the hyaluronic acid lost with the passage of time by means of microinjections in the dermis.


A painless medical treatment using a device with micro-needles to perform a bio-stimulation that liberates growth factors, promoting the production of collagen and elastin. Brings a glow to the face.

Lifting with tensor threads

A medical technique that uses absorbable threads introduced sub-dermally, stimulating the production of collagen and fibroblasts. Achieves a lifting style tightening effect in the cutaneous tissue.

Medical chemical peeling (Phenol / PRX-T33)

Medical treatment that accelerates the natural exfoliation of the skin, that is, the shedding of dead cells. It encourages cellular regeneration and increases collagen production, giving the skin a healthier, smoother appearance, free from impurities.


Medical treatment consisting of a dermal filling with micro-particulate infiltrations of Calcium Hydroxylapatite (a substance already present in our bodies). It has an immediate lifting effect. It softens wrinkles and facial folds. It recovers the oval shape of the face and remodels new volume in the cheekbones, nose and chin.

Body treatments:

Excess weight - Obesity

We advocate a system of personalised diet and habits according to the patient’s requirements, simple, healthy and adapted to the rhythm of your life. Slimming involves modifying dietary habits and to do this it is necessary to understand the person in their physical, psychological and emotional needs.

Corporal mesotherapy

Non-invasive painless medical technique consisting of the intradermal injection of natural medicinal substances.

Intralipotherapy (Aqualyx)

Medical treatment consisting of injecting Aqualyx into the adipose tissue. Aqualyx is a micro-gelatinous, biocompatible and totally absorbable solution. It remodels the figure. Indicated for the elimination of cellulitis and localised adiposity in areas that do not disappear when slimming.

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